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VEGAN Coaching 


The 8-Week Vegan Transition Program for private clients is currently full. 


*For group coaching with the 10,000 Black Vegan Women program, click here.*

Join my 8-Week Vegan Transition Program for private, one-on-one, customized coaching to help you go vegan successfully in just 8 weeks.

With the 8-Week Vegan Transition Program, you will:

  • Become a Vegan

  • Get Healthy

  • Achieve and Maintain a Healthy Weight

  • Have More Energy

  • Look and Feel Better

  • Create Well-Balanced, Nutritious Meals that Taste Delicious

  • Let Go of Unhealthy Cravings 

  • Save Time and Money

  • Eat Out and Socialize with Ease 

  • Change Your Life

In this transformational 8-week program, you'll learn and live everything you need to know to become a happy, healthy vegan and maintain your new lifestyle.


As a public health nutritionist, 33-year vegan, best-selling author, and master educator, I've spent the past 30 years teaching people how to go vegan for life and love it. And I'd love to help you, too! (Read my bio.)

The program includes:


  • A detailed food questionnaire

  • A step-by-step action plan

  • 8 weekly Zoom or Skype personal coaching calls 

  • Two customized 7-day vegan meal plans with corresponding recipes

  • Two customized grocery shopping lists

  • Cooking demonstration by Skype or Zoom

  • The Vegan Nutrition Boot Camp course on the principles of plant-based nutrition

  • Fun, weekly assignments

  • Email and text guidance between scheduled calls

  • A personalized, signed copy of Ageless Vegan


"The 8 week Vegan Transition program CHANGED MY LIFE. There was no way I could have done this by myself as I tried in the past and failed. Recently being diagnosed with a cholesterol issue and also taking high blood pressure medication was all I needed to seek help to make the changes that were needed. Tracye is an amazing coach who is a great listener and awesome communicator who made this vegan transition program a wonderful experience for me. I'm happy to say that the Vegan Transition program is the reason why my cholesterol number has significantly decreased and my blood pressure has been averaging 110/70 consistently. These are both win-wins!! I'm so very thankful that this program was available and would encourage anyone that is considering a vegan lifestyle to try this program. I'm so glad I did." — Toi Salter


"Participating in the 8-week vegan transition program with Tracye has profoundly changed my relationship to food, my outlook on the world and, most importantly, who I am as a human being. I was always interested in veganism and tried to transition on my own before but was unsuccessful. With Tracye's support, I learned where the food we eat really comes from, the fundamentals of nutrition, how to cook delicious vegan foods, how to eat out as a vegan and how my choice to become vegan perfectly aligns with my commitment to social justice and anti-oppression. The program is intensive and is both a time and financial investment—but my long-term health and well-being were well worth it. Tracye is a supportive and non-judgmental partner who met me where I was, asked thoughtful questions and was always there to help me refocus when I needed it. By the end of the program, I lost weight, my skin cleared up, I learned how to make healthy vegan choices and feel great, both inside and out. I have been transformed by this program and would highly recommend working with Tracye to anyone interested in going vegan for life!" — Kelly Macías


"Being a long term vegan who had fallen off the wagon, Tracye and her program got me back on track. The individual coaching directed at me alone and my situation truly helped." — Kathy Kniff

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