Join our health-loving revolution!

Get expert vegan tips to get healthy and feel great for life.

I'm so glad you're joining me for the Ageless Vegan 14-Day Fresh Start! 

The program starts on July 8, 2018. As we lead up to the start date, you'll get emails from me with tips and resources to help you prepare for the program. You'll get full access to the program materials just before the start date and our first live group call.

And you'll automatically be added to our ezine list (if you're not on it already), so you'll also be getting expert tips on how to go vegan for life and love it.

And remember, the Ageless Vegan 14-Day Fresh Start is an online companion program for my new book, Ageless Vegan, so be sure to order your copy today and read it before the program starts.

I'm looking forward to having you in the Fresh Start! If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at


Vibrantly yours,






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