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Join Me For The Next 8-Week Vegan Transition Program

May 14, 2019

We recently finished our first 8-Week Vegan Transition Program and it was a phenomenal experience! I had the honor of working one-on-one with some wonderful folks who were ready to go vegan to change their health and their lives for the better - and they did just that. 

Here's a snippet of what one participant, Kelly, had to say: 

"Participating in the 8-week vegan transition program with Tracye has profoundly changed my relationship to food, my outlook on the world and, most importantly, who I am as a human being. I was always interested in veganism and tried to transition on my own before but was unsuccessful. With Tracye's support, I learned where the food we eat really comes from, the fundamentals of nutrition, how to cook delicious vegan foods, how to eat out as a vegan and how my choice to become vegan perfectly aligns with my commitment to social justice and anti-oppression. ... Tracye is a supportive and non-judgmental partner who met me where I was, asked thoughtful questions and was always there to help me refocus when I needed it. ... By the end of the program, I lost weight, my skin cleared up, I learned how to make healthy vegan choices and feel great, both inside and out. I have been transformed by this program..."  

You can read more testimonials here. And if you're ready to go vegan with expert help, too, now's your time. Our next 8-Week Vegan Transition Program begins June 3rd. Join me for this transformational experience, where you'll learn everything you need to know to become a healthy vegan for life and love it. 

Get all the details here. I can't wait to work with you!


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February 2, 2019

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