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Nearly 90% of Junk Food Ads Target Black and Latinx Children

January 18, 2019

A new study confirms what we already know — food companies target nearly 90% of junk food ads to black and latinx children. This is a 50% increase since 2013, while advertising to white children has declined.



Their goal with this predatory advertising is to hook children of color as young as toddlers onto the tastes of unhealthy foods with the intent that they’ll stay hooked for life. 


Most children of color live in impoverished communities with no or low access to healthy foods, but abundant access to unhealthy foods. Food companies prey on and perpetuate these systemic conditions. The result is billions in profits for food companies and a public health crisis of chronic disease and early death for black and latinx communities. 


The USDA, whose job is to promote profits for the food industry, allows food companies to voluntary regulate themselves. But instead, they double down on their damage. (And folks still think vegans are the food police!)

While we continue to resist and organize against these injustices, we also continue to take the health of our communities back #byanygreensnecessary. That includes educating about, choosing and growing healthy vegan foods when and where they’re available and accessible. 


Use our FREE African American Vegan Starter Guide in your tool kit and share it far and wide. And here's the link to the actual study by the Rudd Center, Council on Black Health and Salud America.





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February 2, 2019

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