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Come With Me to Tokyo, Japan!

September 2, 2017

Konnichiwa, Family! I'm heading to Tokyo, Japan on Monday to check out the vegan scene and I'm bringing you with me!


Starting tomorrow, I'll be doing a Facebook Live video every day for the next two weeks, showing you everything about my trip--from what I'm packing to eat on the 14-hour flight, to all the delish vegan restaurants I'll be eating at while I'm there, to the fabulous people I'll be meeting, to the awesome sights I'll be seeing, to my reflections when I return home. I'll also be doing some Instagram videos, so watch for those, too.

I hear that Tokyo has as many or more vegan restaurants than LA. I'll let you know!


If you've been to Tokyo before, leave a comment below to let me know the must-see places I should visit and, if you're vegan, the must-eat vegan places I should dine. 

I'll see you on Facebook Live starting tomorrow! 


(Photo credits: Travel+Leisure and ATRL Forums )

Have a wonderful weekend!

Much love,



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February 2, 2019

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