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Honored that Bon Appetit Published My Tribute to Dick Gregory Today

September 1, 2017

I'm so honored that Bon Appetit magazine published my tribute to Dick Gregory on their website today: "This Civil Rights Activist is the Reason I've Been Vegan for 30 Years." 


In the article, I talk about how our Black Student Union at Amherst College brought Dick Gregory to campus to talk about the state of black America, and he decided to talk about the plate of black America, instead.


He talked about the health, politics, economics, and culture of what we ate, and why we should become vegetarians. Though it wasn’t yet called “intersectionality,” discussing the interconnectedness of the myriad issues facing African Americans was the norm—and, for Dick Gregory, food was part of that conversation.


That talk quite literally changed the course of my life and I'm forever grateful. From human rights to eating right, Dick Gregory inspired me and the world.


Did Dick Gregory inspire your life, too? Please leave a comment below and share with our By Any Greens Necessary family how Dick Gregory touched, changed, and inspired your life, too. We'd love to hear from you!


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February 2, 2019

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