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4 Tips to Help You Transition to Vegan Food

September 21, 2016

Hey, Family!

I hope you're having a great week. Mid-September is the beginning of the art and cultural season here in DC (and many other cities), so there's lots of excitement in the air. More on that below.  

But first, a very warm welcome to all of our new subscribers who joined us after watching the fabulous PlantPure Summit last week. I had a great conversation with host Lee Fulkerson about lessons I've learned from being a 30-year vegan. (If you missed it, you can gain access here.) 

So whether you're just joining us or you've been with us for a while, I'm so glad you're here! I know each of us is at a different stage in our journey toward eating and living healthier. And that's all good. It's truly about progress and consistency, not perfection. So in that spirit, this week I'm sharing 4 tips to help you transition to vegan food:



1) Keep Learning

Read and watch everything you can about eating vegan. Talk to vegans you know about how they transitioned, what challenges they had and how they overcame them, and what things they love most about their vegan lifestyle. Support yourself with ongoing knowledge.

2) Veganize Your Favorite Meals

Choose some of your favorite meals that you cook on a regular basis for lunch or dinner, and then veganize them. For example, curried chicken can become curried chickpeas and beef stir-fry can become a veggie stir-fry with cashews, almonds or tofu for the main protein. 

3) Find New Vegan Recipes

Make a habit of checking out vegan recipe sites when you have some free time. That way, you’ll expand your awareness about the infinite variety of vegan dishes that exist, you’ll identify some favorite, go-to sites for mealtime inspiration, and you’ll train your brain to think vegan when it comes to food.

4) Take Cooking Classes

When you’re transitioning to vegan food, you may need to learn a whole new set of skills, so why not take classes from an expert in vegan cooking? It’ll help cut your learning curve in half. And it’s a great way to taste new food, meet new vegan-friendly people, and have some fun at the same time.


Most of all, relax and enjoy the transition. And if you start and stop a few times, don't be discouraged. Just dust yourself off and start again. That's how most people did it, including me.  These tips will help make your transition a lot easier and more enjoyable. 

Coming Up:

There are dozens of local and national events happening in the DC area this weekend. Here are two of my favorites:

DC VegFest is this Saturday, Sept 24th from 11-6. It's the largest vegan celebration on the East Coast and we're expecting about 20,000 people. It's a free outdoor event with food, fun and good folks galore. I'm on the host committee and I'll be speaking at about 2:30pm. So I hope to see you there! Click the video for a preview of what to expect. 


Also in DC this weekend is the 3-day grand opening celebration of the National Museum of African American History and Culture. Click the photo or click here to watch the powerful commemoration video for the museum's opening. 



My middle sister, Marya McQuirter (in the black dress below), was a historian for the museum's Visual Art Gallery, which is being called one of the finest art collections in DC. My sisters, mom, youngest niece and I attended a pre-opening party at the museum last weekend and it's phenomenal, just as I expected. The museum is an absolute must-see! 



Have a great rest of the week, fam!

Much love,










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