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How to be Vegan for the Holidays

November 24, 2015

Hey, Family!


I know that many of you have become new vegans or more vegan this year, and you're feeling a little stressed right now about how you're going to navigate your family gatherings for the holidays.


Whether it's those dreaded questions about why you're not eating turkey or Grandma's mac n cheese, or what impressive (but easy) vegan dishes you can or should bring--it can feel a bit hectic.


Well, I've written before about how to handle being vegan around family during the holidays with love and grace, and this year I was interviewed about it on the Brown Vegan Podcast with the awesome Monique Koch, who specializes in helping families go vegan together.

We had a great conversation! You can check it out here.



Here are some highlights:


1) Relax and be gentle with yourself and others.


2) Never talk about veganism at the Thanksgiving dinner table.


3) Bring enough food for yourself and others.


4) It's okay to have traditional or non-traditional vegan Thanksgiving meals.


We also talked about: 


1) The importance of knowing your WHY when you're going vegan.


2) Why community is essential to a long-term vegan life.


3) How veganism has always been a part of black culture.


And if you're looking for delish vegan Thanksgiving recipe ideas, check out The Ultimate Vegan Thanksgiving Menu from OneGreenPlanet.org.

Have a wonderful week and holiday, family!

Much love,




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