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10 High-Protein Vegan Foods

November 19, 2015

Hey, Family!

It’s a gorgeous day here in the Washington, DC area! I hope the weather is wonderful in your part of the world, too.

And speaking of the world, did you know that you, the lovely readers of this ezine, are collectively located in more than 40 countries on 6 continents? I thank you so much for being a part of our vegan-loving global community. And if you’re brand spanking new to the family, welcome!

Our topic this week is 10 High-Protein Vegan Foods. 



For starters, how much protein do we need each day? On average, we need to get about 10-15% of our calories from protein, or about 50-70 grams a day, according to the Institute of Medicine’s recommended daily allowance (RDA).

Another way to calculate this is to multiply your weight by 0.36 grams. So if you're 140 pounds, you'll need about 50 grams of protein each day. Women who are pregnant, breast-feeding or very physically active need more protein (up to 70 grams daily) and can easily meet their needs by increasing the amount of protein-rich beans, nuts, and grains they eat each day.


And rest assured, the average vegan gets about 70% more protein every day than the recommended daily allowance, just like omnivores do. So consider that myth slayed! 

Here's where vegans get all that plant protein power:


10 High-Protein Vegan Foods


1. Tempeh, 1/2 package = 22 grams  

2. Tofu, 1 cup cooked = 20 grams

3. Lentils, 1 cup cooked = 18 grams

4. Pumpkin Seeds, 1/2 cup raw = 17 grams

5. Almonds, 1/2 cup raw = 16 grams

6. Split Peas, 1 cup cooked = 16 grams

7. Garbanzo Beans (Chickpeas), 1 cup cooked = 15 grams (Most beans have 14-16 grams)

8. Hemp Seeds, 1/4 cup raw (4 TB) = 10 grams

9. Quinoa, 1 cup cooked = 9 grams

10. Millet, 1 cup cooked = 8 grams 


So there you have it. Keep in mind that almost all plant-based foods contain some amount of protein, from an avocado (7 grams) to a cup of raw kale (2 grams).


The key is to eat different plant foods throughout the day, and you'll easily meet all of your protein needs.


Have a great week, family!

Much love,






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