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For the past 30 years, I've worked with national, state, and local organizations to design nutrition programs and create strategies to help millions of people eat more plant-based foods to improve their health. Organizations I’ve partnered with and two I've co-founded include:


University of the District of Columbia, in partnership with the DC Public Schools System, the USDA, and First Lady Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move Campaign

  • I designed and taught a plant-based nutrition curriculum for the District of Columbia Public Schools System to help prevent and reverse childhood obesity among the city’s 46,000 school students, 43% of whom are overweight or obese.


Vegetarian Society of Washington, DC, in partnership with the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

  • I designed and taught the curriculum for the first federally funded vegan nutrition program, created to improve the health of primarily low-income African American women in the nation’s capital. The program became a national model.


Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine

  • I helped create the strategy for a groundbreaking lawsuit proving food industry bias in the formation of the U.S. Dietary Guidelines, while serving as a policy advisor.


Black Women’s Health Imperative

  • I designed the nutrition curriculum for the national African American Healthy Lifestyles Initiative to prevent and reverse obesity among the nation’s 19.5 million African American women, 80% of whom are overweight and 50% of whom are obese.


Spelman College

  • I was asked by Spelman College president Beverly Daniel Tatum to serve as a keynote speaker and advisor to help launch the college’s Wellness Revolution Summit, the first initiative of its kind at a major U.S. college or university to dramatically improve the health of its incoming first-year students.


Maryland University of Integrative Health 

  • I served as senior editor for health communications and marketing for MUIH, the leading academic institution for integrative health in the nation.


PlantPure Nation

  • I’m an advisory board member of PlantPure Nation, the film and foundation dedicated to bringing the message of plant-based nutrition to millions of people in communities across the country.


New York Coalition for Healthy School Food

  • I’m an advisory board member and keynote speaker for this nonprofit organization, which uses plant-based food initiatives to promote health improvement, and food and health literacy for New York students, who make up the largest school district in the nation.


Black Vegetarian Society of New York

  • I co-founded this nonprofit organization in 2002 to provide community-based plant-based nutrition programs to improve the health of African American residents of New York City.


Hip Hop Green Dinners

  • I serve as an advisor and keynote speaker for the national Hip Hop Green Dinners Initiative, which promotes plant-based nutrition to young people of color and their families to improve their health in major cities throughout the country.


Providence Hospital

  • I designed and taught Continuing Medical Education courses in plant-based nutrition for doctors, dietitians, and other health care professionals at Providence Hospital, where I was born.


We Feed Our People

  • I’m a co-founder of this 27-year-old nonprofit organization that honors the life and work of Martin Luther King Jr. by providing a nutritious meal and warm clothing to poor and homeless people in the nation’s capital on the annual King holiday. We Feed Our People is now the flagship "Day of Service" event in the nation's capital each year.


Whole Foods

  • Fifteen years ago, I partnered with Whole Foods to create its first plant-based nutrition cooking and lecture series in stores throughout the Washington, DC metropolitan region. The series was titled “From Soul Food to Whole Food.”


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