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Vegan Nutrition Boot Camp

A Four-Part Audio Series on the Building Blocks of Plant-Based Nutrition

In this audio series, you'll learn the fundamentals of:

  • Plant Protein vs. Animal Protein

  • Iron, Calcium, B12, Vitamin D and Other Essential Nutrients

  • Acid and Alkaline Balance

  • Healthy and Unhealthy Fats and Oils

  • Healthy and Unhealthy Carbs

  • Why the Color of Your Food Matters

  • Reading Food Labels and Health Claims the Right Way

  • Creating Well-Balanced Meals

In four audio recordings of 50 minutes each, you'll receive a total of three and a half solid hours of vegan nutrition information. That's more than the average medical student receives in her entire four years in medical school. So when the class is over, you'll know more about nutrition than your doctor.

"As someone who has been rigorously studying plant-based nutrition over the past several years, I found your course to be fantastic. Your ability to extract practicality out of the more advanced concepts of nutritional science has been both enlightening and entertaining to experience. I cannot thank you enough for your unwavering commitment to this extremely important work."  ~ J. Day        


"Thanks for being one of the best teachers I have ever known, especially when it comes to helping me understand the reasons to eat healthier."  ~ K. Hall

"Thank you for your work, “By Any Greens Necessary,” and the 4-part telecourse. As a result, I am enlightened and enriched. After part one I was already applying veganism to my lifestyle and sharing information with my friends. I also immediately started making your recipes which are delicious. I even have my guy consuming vegan foods. Once I received your book, I read it in two days and ordered two additional copies; one for one of my closest friends and the other for a co-worker. Both have begun to incorporate vegan meals into their lifestyles. Knowledge is power and I am walking in my new found power."  ~ N. Coward

“Thank you for a wonderful and informative 4 weeks [about] vegan nutrition and food preparation! I thoroughly enjoyed the learning process and the every Tuesday 8 o’clock hour. Many blessings to you for your dedication to healthy eating/living.”  ~ S. Mercer

"Excellent Boot Camp Class! Thank you for so much helpful information!"  ~ L. Bradshaw


"I just finished listening to the Nutrition Boot Camp and I thought it was great. I had heard many of the topics before but you explained it in ways that were easy to understand and will make it easier when people ask questions about nutrition aspects of being plant-based."  ~ K. Erno


"Your online course is priceless!!"  ~ A. Terrell

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