I wrote Ageless Vegan with my mother, Mary, to share our secrets for maintaining radiant health for more than 30 years (hint: it's all in the greens!), and to share 100 of our favorite whole food, plant-based recipes that have kept us looking and feeling ageless at 51 and 81.
























In Ageless Vegan, we talk about our personal joys and challenges of going vegan, and we break down the basics of nutrition, how to build a vegan pantry, and how to make sure you’re getting the best nutrients to promote longevity and prevent chronic disease. And we provide a 14-step guide with practical, easy-to-follow advice on how to transition to vegan foods, jumpstart your healthy eating habits, and up your game if you’re already a vegan.


Our 100 fresh, simple, and delicious recipes are based on everyday whole food ingredients, and include Maple French Toast with Strawberries, Thai Coconut Curry Soup, Cajun Quinoa with Okra and Tomato, Vegetable Pot Pie, Citrusy Dandelion Greens Salad, and Perfect Pecan Pie. 


With Ageless Vegan, we help you kiss diet-related disease and fatigue goodbye and give you the information, inspiration, and affirmation you need to live a long, glowing, and healthy life you love.



"A standout collection of recipes...with its appetizing flavor variations, this approachable cookbook raises the standard of plant-based cuisine." -- Library Journal **starred review**

"Inspiring...and full of smart tips and strategies." -- The Washington Post

"Ageless Vegan is a powerful argument for the ways food is political. It also makes a strong aesthetic case for veganism." -- The Huffington Post

"No matter where you're at on your own vegan journey, Ageless Vegan is sure to inspire a renewed commitment to healthy eating." -- PETA Prime

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